Wednesday, March 21, 2007



I have been looking over the different options you can
have when doing a blog. I have made a couple of
changes to my page already. As I get everyone's blog
address I will add it to my links as I noticed Cody
and Maggie did.

Hard to believe Spring has sprung. We got about 14 inches of
snow over the weekend. Leigh and I went XC skiing on
Sunday. We bought passes at a local touring place in
December. Leigh has been more times than me. I would
guess she has been between 40-50 times. I guess I
have been about 30. I have less than her because she
would ski on days that I had hockey. I usually
skipped skiing on hockey days. But now I have ended
all 3 of my hockey leagues.

I must admit that my main focus right now is going to
the Frozen Four with Gary, Zack and Cody. This year
the FF is in St Louis. I hope UNH is able to win 2
hockey games this weekend so they too will be in St.
Louis playing for the National Championship. We are
turning this gathering of Warner boys into a family
tradition. Gary and I have done it the past couple of
years. It was decided that Co and Zack needed to get
in on the fun. So we invited them along. Plus they
are both old enough to enjoy, legally, a nice brew pub
beer. I'm sure we will all have a story to tell and
pictures to post when we all get back from the FF.
For those who don't know we will be in St Louis from
Wed April 4 through Sunday April 8. The NCAA sent me
a letter last week telling me they would be sending
out tickets this week for the games. I suppose they
probable sent Gary the same letter.

Go Cats Go!!!!!


petecobb99 said...

where's johnny?

Maggie said...

Warner boys??? Trivia question: what little warner girl is going to the frozen four next year? And what warner wife and mommy is probably going too? That's right warner boys.... ladies invasion of the frozen four!

Zack and Jenny said...

That will be a special occasion. It will be like when 20/20 does one of those "inside" interviews in a prison. You'll see what we want you to see down there, not what actually goes on every year.

petecobb99 said...

i'm lookin' forward to that one already...