Monday, February 11, 2008

Holy Crap

I have survived my first round of exams. For some reason this semester my first round only had 2 exams. One in Calculus and another in Physics. I got an 87% on Calc and 100% on the physics one. Sounds good doesn't it? But hold on. Let us take a look at calculus quizzes so far. These are out of ten. 6, 4.5. and 6. Ouch not so good.
Physics has been better. Once again out of ten. 8,8, and 9. Physics labs, also out of ten have been okay too. 9,8,and 8. In Materials so far we have had 3 homeworks-all of those have been a check plus. He only offers three grades on homework check plus or 100, check or 90 and check minus or 80. He just doesn't go any lower than an 80 on homework. Turn in a paper with just your name and the homework questions and no answers will get you a check minus, but that is still worth an 80. We have handed in three labs so far that I received a 5.4/6.0 or a 90% on those. My English class has been good too. He grades on a five scale. we have turned in five assignments so far. All fives. The CAD class has had three grades so far. Based on ten I have gotten 9,9.5 and 10.

We are now in the 5th week of this semester. That means we have next week off. The week we go back I have 3 exams. So my vacation time will be spent getting ready for those three exams.

I am very worried about the Calculus class. It is very hard. I do understand the concepts but keep making foolish errors on my quizzes. Hopefully I will stop doing that.


mcw said...

those sounds like very good grades to me.
regarding calculus, i will give you the same advice that matt and jason never listened to and you probably won't either - check your work!
study hard.

Moody Family said...

Congrats!!! It sounds like you are doing very well. Don't get too down about calc. It sounds like you are doing well. The quizzes are for learning and the tests are where it counts. Obviously you are getting the concepts. Keep on studying and try to have some fun. Don't want life to get too serious. Good luck on the upcoming tests and the rest of the semester.... It will be over before you know it.

Maggie said...

You will be okay. Call if you ever get stuck on a calculus problem. Once you get the initial concepts, it all falls into place and is much easier. You just have to get over that initial hump. And you will also find that physics will be much easier as well once you get calc. down. But seriously... if you need help, call me! I shouldn't admit this, but I loved calculus...

Gardenboy said...

I must say that I am enjoying calculus. I don't always know where we are headed as we are taught things. Sometimes I just have to ask my prof. what will this get me in the real world. Most of the time he can tell us that. In fact he can usually pinpoint which major would most likely use the concept we have just learned.

And to get to this check your work crap. I do. But this past quiz I made a couple of errors that I didn't see(obviously) and was surprised to see when I got my quiz back. But you are right mcw I will try to be more careful as I check my work.