Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School Days

I am now in the middle of Week 3. So far no real quizzes or exams. They will start next week. We have been getting plenty of homework. Reading and "cyphering". I am so happy to not have Calculus this semester. I have four classes. All related to my major, Civil Engineering. This semester I have Surveying II, Statics and Strengths of Materials (hardest class of the program), Environmental Engineering, and Hydraulics and Drainage. I will be happy when graduation day comes around in May But for now I am putting my nose to the grindstone (sounds silly) and getting my work done.
I am very lucky to have such an understanding wife. Homework comes before almost any other chore I have to do.


mcw said...

Best of luck this year.

Although you don't have a math class, it appears, from the course names, that there might be a lot of math this semester.

Jeffrey said...

So far all we have been doing in each class is math....too much math.