Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frosty Morning


Leigh and I put together this little fall display. We thought it would be nice to see as we drove up the driveway each time.


Leo and Cully playing in the newly tilled garden behind the house. On the right you can see the broccoli is still going strong.


Leigh planted these two maples many years ago with the thought being they would be used to string up the hammock. We have a great hammock strung between those trees. It is a good place to relax on a sunny afternoon.


Another beautiful autumn day here in Vermont. The colors this fall have been great.
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Pete Cobb said...

you want a 'frosty morning'?
how about 10 inches of snow!

mcw said...

10 inches of snow!!! keep it out there.

mcw said...

nice pictures. trees haven't started changing color here yet, but it should be soon.