Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Rewards

I found out on Monday that a company called Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. had offered me a job. I will be doing construction inspection. Most of the work I will be doing with be with the VT AOT out of St. Johnsbury. That is about a 75 minute drive. I will working all around the northern part of the state. I think the first project I will be working on will be a "Marking Project". That would be any of the lines that are on the roads. I am not really sure what I will need to do exactly as the construction inspector on these jobs but I am sure I will find out soon. Some of the other projects I will probably work on will be bridge inspection and paving inspection. This year I will only work through the construction season. Then I will get laid off for a few months. If I did a good job for GPI they will hire me back again in April. After that first year you can usually get year round work if you want to. The guy who hired me said there were many of the inspectors who like to have the winter off so can either go South or go skiing or some other winter activity. We will work enough overtime during the year to cover the down time. So if you budget your money properly you can get through the year. I am extremely excited to start my new job. Meanwhile the job I have had through this past school year with the State is still going on. My boss told me I could work until I started with GPI. So I have a couple more weeks with the State.

It was such a relief when the job offer came. Not very many of my classmates have gotten jobs. Summer jobs are even difficult to come by. Vermont Tech College prides itself on 98% placement of its graduates. This year they will not be even close to a number like that. Some of my classmates are going to continue their college educations either at VTC or some other 4 year college.

Here is their website.

My graduation is Saturday May 16th in Northfield, VT. It will be held on the campus of Norwich University. I am not really sure why we don't have it on our own campus in Randolph Center. After all we did go to school in Randolph Center not Northfield.


mcw said...

Congratulations and good luck in your new job. The hard work paid off.

amy said...

What a great gig...Congrats!