Friday, April 13, 2007

The Only Thing I Don't Like About Hockey Is The Off Season

My journey to get to St. Louis was an effort. But of course worth every second of it. I had 3 hours lay-over time in Philly. I figured I would get to know the Philly airport better than Tom Hanks in Terminal. It all started so innocently in Burlington. I noticed as soon as I got out of the car that my plane was delayed by 15 minutes. Shouldn't be a problem I thought to myself. Oh how could I have been so wrong? The reason we had a delay was because the flight crew had arrived late the previous evening so they had to have their 8 hours off. No big problem. Our plane sat onthe runway in Burlington for almost 3 hours. Partofthe delay was the Philly airport was closed for a short while. Enough to mess up my easy travel day. My flight from Philly to St Louis was scheduled to be at 11:25. My plane landed at 10:55. I was in row 22 on a plane with 22 rows. I didn't get off the plane until 11:10. I ran from one end of the airport to the other. A long run in Philly. I was the last person on the plane. And then we took off. I was fairly certain that my suitcase was not running as fast as I was. And so it goes. My suitcase was delivered the next day. After that all I had was fun. We got to see 3 great hockey games. Each better than the one before. The seats we had this year were very good. We were in the front row of the balconey. Plus ESPN was doing interviews right behind us in-between periods. They asked us to sit down while they were on air. I would guess we were showing up in their camera shots. They wanted to have a clear shot of the ice behind them. Not our mugs.

I will write more later. There is just so much to remember.


Zack and Jenny said...

Sites of the Frozen Four:
2009-Washington, DC
2011-St. Paul

Maggie said...

OOOOOOO Bubba.... let's have a reunion in DC! I will make the sign when you get to the airport and you can steal massive amounts of dinner rolls!!!!