Thursday, May 17, 2007


I don't know if any of you do this, but Leigh and I try to do this fairly often. As a day comes to a close and we are lying in bed, close to sleep, Leigh and I try to tell each other a memory from sometime earlier in our lives. If you don't ever do this you should try it. You just say, "Hey I have a memory to share." And away you go. Learning something about your partner that you may not have known before.
Well today I was out stacking some wood. I was listening to Vt. Public Radio while "All Things Considered" was on. I can recall, in Virginia, Zack and Jack singing the theme song to that show with just a slight twist on the words. They would sing "all things considered, all things considered, all things considered and some things not". I am not really sure if there are words associated with that theme song. If there were really no words to their theme it is too bad they didn't happen to call us in Hightown and we could have given them those lyrics. I found none at the NPR website. Does the beermaker or anonymous remember that they used to sing that song? Another memory that I had at about the same time was that, (that is while I was stacking wood) about the same time,(that being Zack's age) was of Zack going absolutely WILD when the "Barney Miller" theme song would come on the TV. I am talking WILD. And they say white boys can't dance??? Well they never saw Zack when that song was played. He was possessed by that song. Not the words but the instrumental part. I am fairly sure that the previously mentioned beermaker and anonymous will remember Zack and that particular memory of mine. I would bet that if Jenny were to play that song she might see a side of Zack she didn't know existed!!!

I also happened to think about the beermaker just rocking in the rocking chair at breakneck speed with then baby Cody when he use to cry. It always amazed me at how fast he could get that chair going. Perhaps we should have put him on the grid to power our house.

Hope this entry has prompted the rest of you to think back on some memories of your own.


Maggie said...

I can tell Glacier memories when we go to bed, but I doubt he'll share any with me. He's kind of stubborn like that.

Zack and Jenny said...

I would like to know where to get a copy of that them song so I can see Zack break into dance. I have seen him break into dance with a few other songs, but I'm sure he'd kill me if I shared. You on the other hand don't live in the same house, so keep on sharing the fun memories!