Saturday, July 7, 2007

Green River Reservoir

Although the Leo thought it would be a great idea for him to come along on our canoe trip we decided that it would be better for him to stay home. I couldn't imagine those two in a canoe on dry land never mind on water.

Cully was really leaning towards going canoeing but once again we just had to say no.
I couldn't imagine those two in a canoe on dry land never mind on water.

We had just bought a new rack to put on my car. For those who don't know I am no longer a truck owner. I have been driving this 2005 Subaru since last September. I really like the car but I do miss being up higher when I drive. Anyhow back to the story. We are the fortunate owners of a nice canoe. Leigh's Mom gave it to us last year. We went up to the Waterbury reservoir a couple of times but never any further than that. It is about a 20 minute ride from our house. So this year with the different car we needed a rack. I put the rack on the car Thursday night. Very simple to put on. Then on Friday morning we were all ready to go on an adventure.

We decided that we would go to Green River Reservoir a little bit north of us. As you can see my able copilot was all ready to go.

It took us about an hour to get there. we arrived about 9:00 a.m. There was only one other person who had signed the sheet that day. It was a beautiful day. We paddled around the reservoir for about three hours. We only saw a couple of other boats for most of the time we were out there. When we got back to the boat launch area around noon there were quite a few people and their assorted non-motorized boats. Most of them looked like they would be camping for the weekend. We were quite happy that we didn't have to see them while we were out paddling around.

We had a great time. We decided not to bring Leigh's camera with us just in case it got wet. It made us say we need to buy a case for it so we can bring it with us. That is why there are no photos from our trip included here today. As we were first setting out we heard some loons calling back and forth to each other. It reminded me so much of those early days at Bow Lake when I would be out rowing in my rowboat. Man we had fun when we were kids at Bow Lake. I'm sure my siblings would agree with me. We paddled past a couple of camp sites that were occupied but other than that we saw no one. The water was smooth. No breeze at all. Very easy paddling. As we paddled along there was absolutely no noise at all. Other than our paddles dipping into the water we heard nothing. Except perhaps the deer flies that would buzz us any time we got close to land. At one point during our paddle we had gone up the narrow part-about 40 feet and decreasing for about 2 miles until you reached a beaver's dam- and the deer flies were thick. I would guess I saw 15 buzzing around Leigh's head as we were slowly paddling up this part of the reservoir. It was the same around my head. The biggest difference being Leigh had remembered to bring her hat with her. Ever since I got my haircut I don't wear a hat as much as I used to. Like never. It was very Everglade like as we paddled toward the dam. We had read a guide book about the reservoir before we went so we knew the dam was coming. Small 3-4' diameter tufts of grasses sticking up from the earth surrounded by water. Marsh like. Moose habitat. But alas we saw no moose. But we did see a great blue heron as we approached the beaver dam.
It stayed in place until we about 15' away from it. Then it very slowly took off flying about 30 yards downstream. We saw the heron for most of our return trip out of the end of the reservoir. About 15 minutes. It was really cool the way he flew just ahead of us a couple of times to get away from us. Not very far. But just far enough. We also saw some canadian geese with their babies. About 8 little geese swimming along.

However the best thing we saw was the mother loon with one baby on her back and the other practically glued to her side. We were close to the loon designated area (I wasn't aware that loons could read signs. Apparently this one couldn't either as she was not in her designated area.) when we saw a loon about 30 yards straight in front of us. So we just kept on paddling. I kept waiting for the loon to dive. But it didn't. Then Leigh, with the aid of the binoculars, saw that it had babies with it. We then swung wide of them. She let out a couple of warning cries as we went past her. The small ones were very fuzzy and new looking. It would have been very good to have had the camera at that point.

When we were rounding the island that was about 300 yards from the launch area we hit a very brisk wind. The last few hundred yards were an effort. The breeze as they say, (whoever they are) came out of nowhere, to create some small white caps as we finished out our trip to on Green Mountain Reservoir. We will go back there again this summer for some more paddling. Leigh had packed us a nice lunch to have but we were back before it was time for lunch. But also happy to have missed all those other people who had been arriving.

Here is a link if you want read a little bit about the Green Mtn. Reservoir.


Maggie said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!! I agree, you need to get a case so you can take pictures of all those beautiful sites you saw! Maybe Amy can guide you down the river with that canoe... Ha!

The Beermaker said...

a good one...
instead of buying a case, you could just put the camera in a ziplock (registered trademark) bag...
i still enjoy the canoeing on bow lake, especially floating around the blueberry bushes...

Gardenboy said...

Uh yeah Amy down the river....yeah.

are you allowed to use the word ziplock(registered trademark)?

Have you used the plastic bag method beermaker?

Lynn said...

Jeff, why didn't you try one of your famous loon calls? You could have had the entire family along with you on your canoe trip! Too bad we don't have videos of you and the mama loon -- oh and Mr. Collishaw, too!

amy said...

jeff...get a pelican case. we have this one, and bring the cameras with us on the river. these cases work great. hey...i did another river this weekend. i'm gettin' better. maybe some day i'll take you down one.

amy said...

that's the link.