Saturday, July 21, 2007

Same Boat

Hello Everyone. I feel like I have gotten into the same boat as the breadmaker.
I think I won't be posting many if any blogs for the next few weeks while I am
doing my Summer Bridge program at Vermont Tech. I have 2 hours of Tech
Math and Physics each day. This past week I came home each day and spent
about 4 hours on my homework. I also just got a job working in a hardware/feed
store in the Northfield. Northfield is just over the mountain from our house.
About a 15 minute ride to work. I will be working there on Saturday and Sunday.
School was very hard for me this first week. I haven't had to think like that in
30 years!! I had 4 quizzes and 2 tests this week. I did okay on the quizzes
but not sure about the tests as they were on Friday. My math test was pretty good.
The physics test not so good.

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The Breadmaker said...

Its a hard row to hoe...I can't do homework on weekday brain does not absorb anything after a 12 hr work day. Consequently, my weekends are full of homework and studying. You will learn how to pace yourself and budget time.....gardens, spouses will suffer, but we hope we have planted and married need Maggie,the Physics wiz. Me and Physics, it got me the C- that kept me from pursuing anything else in my life after that. NOW I KNOW that everyone, except probably the Warner children gets C- in Physics, and as the Nursing School mantra goes...Cs get Degrees !