Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finals Week

Hello to all my family and friends still out there. Been a very busy semester. I have finals this week. I hope to be able to write something about my semester once it is over. Two finals on Tuesday, one Wednesday and one Friday. Hopefully I did well enough on my last Tech Math exam that I will be exempt from the final. Otherwise that exam is on Thursday. My last exam of the week is in Chemistry. See you on the other side of my semester.


mcw said...

good luck on your exams. matt has his this week also.

The Breadmaker said...

With ya there on finals..... trying to fit them in and working is not a good idea. Should have tried to take this week off, but ask Gary how THAT went!!! Good luck, you'll be fine!

mcw said...

breadmaker - good luck to you, also.