Monday, December 17, 2007

I Don't Know Dean But I Am Happy To Be On His List

My grades were all posted this morning for my first semester. They are as follows:
Tech Math: A
Computer Apps(CAD): A-

That all equals out to a 3.53. As I said to Leigh this morning I haven't gotten all those grades on one report card since high school. So for the moment I am enjoying the feeling of being on the Dean's List. Now I just need to keep it up for 3 more semesters.


Moody Family said...

Sounds like you need to do some good celebrating over the break. I am sure that you will do well for the next 3 semesters, you made it past the weed out one with flying colors. Just think, it won't be long before you are finished. Take care and enjoy your Christmas break without school work. Merry Christmas!!!!

mcw said...

way to go
little bro!

mcw said...

jason - distinguished honor roll - 94% average.
matt dean's list - 4.0

i haven't seen that many a's since i looked at one of gary's report cards!!!

amy said...

Holy crap - that's awesome - seems all that hard work paid off. Good going!

Cody Warner said...

nice! now shotgun a beer, take a break, and great ready to do it all again in a few weeks! haha