Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hmmm....quite a title to a blog. Am I disappointed we won't get to see UNH at the Frozen Four--this pales in comparison. Disappointed I got my butt kicked Friday by a Calculus exam---not even in the same league.

I am hoping that we get to see the North Dakota Fighting Sioux. And more specifically the North Dakota Cheerleaders. Now is when the disappointment starts. I have known this fact all season but have waited until now to talk about it. The cheerleaders no longer skate. You read that right---they no longer have to skate. I loved watching them skate around. Not only were they cheerleaders(hell I did that at UNH for the football team-another story another time) but they were SKATING cheerleaders. I read on their web page, of course I have it bookmarked, that they no longer have to be able to skate to be a hockey cheerleader. I hope The Fighting Sioux make the Frozen Four and even more I hope we are in the Dakota section for the games...

Please feel free to talk about this amongst yourselves and post comments.


Maggie said...

Man that sucks about the cheerleaders! I had heard how awesome it was so I was actually looking forward to it. Hopefully there will be lots of fun times to make up for some of the disappointments. Beer usually is a great coping device.

mcw said...

somehow, i think you will get past this.