Friday, March 21, 2008

Go Cats Go!!!

There are not very many reasons that I would miss playing hockey myself. I play every Friday from 6-7:30. Great time to play, great group I play with. But tonight I had to reluctantly(maybe not) tell my teammates I would not be playing. I am staying home to watch the Wildcats take on the Eagles. This should be a very hard fought game. UNH has beaten BC three times this year. One has to wonder about the odds of the Wildcats being able to put BC away one more time. A win tonight will most likely give UNH a number one seed in the quarterfinals of the NCAAs. And very much deserved this year.
I really like the 'Cats chances tonight. So tonight at 5:00 I will be tuning NESN a.k.a. TV 38 from Boston to watch the Hockey East semifinals. The second game features BU vs UVM. tough one for me to pick. Who do I dislike less???? Kind of like voting for politicians. Guess I would have to pick BU. No matter who wins I hope they are playing against UNH for the championship tomorrow night.

So even though UNH plays BC tonight you can bet I will yell out on more than one occasion "LETS GO BLUE!!!!SCREW BU"


mcw said...

too bad about the result. will they still be in the ncaa tournament?

Gardenboy said...

oh yes and they will still be a number one seed.

but they can't lose again.