Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have now been to four days of classes. So far so good. But then again we have only had one quiz. I did manage to get 100 on my very first quiz of this semester. Hope I can keep up some semblence to that. I have a new desktop computer now from Dell. It is the inspiron 1520. Very nice but I have not been a pc guy ever. I am having some trouble getting used to the differences. Right click....what the f is that all about? I know I will get used to this beast and learn to love it but right now it is very foreign to me. Sorry that I am not putting out very many blogs for all you allt for me.(that would be southern talk) to read but I won't be able to do much about that.

The homework is already being piled up but so far I am wading through it. Lots of reading to do also. Damn my brain isn't used to this much thinking. But I do like it. I am really glad I decided to do this. There will be days (daze?) when I might question my sanity about this going to college thing but I know I will be rewarded in the end. Plus the support I am getting from Leigh is great. She was a grad student several years ago so she knows what is happening to me. One of the things I don't like about being away from home all day is that many of my jobs at home are now turning in Leigh's jobs. She has to work all day too so I feel a little bit bad when she does my chores. I am also working about 15 hours a week too. Mind you none of this is whining or complaing just merely stating facts. I am very lucky to have a wife who is so supportive of my new goals in life.

I hope everyone is doing great. Keep on blogging so I can keep up with all you are doing.

On a side note now. Hey Man Computer World aka Mikey get it together dude. How about a few posts?


Maggie said...

You are lucky to have Leigh! Now when is she going to start her blog?

mcw said...

congratulations on the 100%.
i have a real post now.

Moody Family said...

That rocks... 100%, WOW!!! That is a good way to start a semester. Good luck and don't go cross eyed from reading too many text books.

mcw said...

i posted. where have you been????

Jeffrey said...

studying dude studying